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Re: Boomerang survey - please respond

On May 20, 2014, at 2:58 PM, Jason Fistner <jfis.lists@gmail.com> wrote:

> I’m so excited that Mike et al. are finally considering this!!!!
> In sum:
> Method #3
> More detailed:
> Let’s first look at some reasons for wanting to enter [STACK/ OVERDUB 
> MODE] mode immediately at [LOOP END]:
> a) Flow
> - as us loopers know, it’s crucial to keep things moving and changing— 
> especially at the beginning! most people do not have our tolerance for 
> repetition. 
> b) Signal Smoothness
> - hard cuts on delay and reverb trails reveal the seams and can take a 
> listener out of it
> c) Volume/ dynamics smoothness
> - sometimes by the end of the loop, especially in long loops, the volume 
> of what is being played at the end doesn’t match what it was at the 
> start (inadvertently, by some psychological magic :D ). going right into 
> [STACK] mode can smooth this out.

I think these correspond to my two categories with (a) being the first — I 
just want to start evolving the loop immediately — and (b) and (c) being 
the need to get some overlap at the end to smooth out the transition or 
deal with delay and reverb trails. I argue that in the latter case, it’s 
actually inconvenient to need to tap a switch again when done — though not 
nearly as inconvenient as the tap dance the Boomerang III currently 
requires to go straight into STACK. I would also argue that in the first 
case, you know that’s what you will be doing. That’s why I liked the idea 
of being able to use a hold at the beginning of the loop to indicate a 
desire to go into stack when done recording — i.e., Press (Start 
Recording) - Hold - Release - Press (Start Stacking) — and a hold at the 
end of the loop to generate an overlap without remaining in stack — i.e., 
Press (Start Recording ) - Release - Press (End Recording, Start Stacking 
w/o Decay) - Release (End Stacking, Start Playing). If you hold at both 
ends of the loop, there just need to be a decision as to whether the “go 
into stack” behavior holds or whether the “momentary stack” behavior holds.