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Re: Saving complete Mobius configurations as a single file...

No.  I may do an iOS product some day but it wouldn’t be Mobius as it
exists today.  
There are too many differences in the way things work between iOS and a PC:
unlimited virtual memory, a file system, MIDI, threads, etc.  The code
can’t just
be ported, most of it would have to be rewritten from scratch and designed
the limitations of mobile devices.  That isn’t going to happen any time
soon unless
I win the lottery and have lots of free time.

I’m more interested in using a tablet as a remote control surface for
Mobius running
on a laptop.  You can do some of that with TouchOSC, but a custom app
just for the Mobius UI would be more powerful.


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This has been probably asked a thousand times but
Is there hope Mobius be released for ipads in the future?