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Mobius: Help needed for a "Generative Granular Assembler" script

Ho Ho you lovely Mobius junkies - here's christmas gift for you all!!!! :-)

I recently attended MIDI Hack here in Stockholm and made a very cool
"Song Granulator" with Mobius hosted inside Ableton Live. Now I need
help to implement this functionality as a Mobius script.

What I did in Live was to set up a number of MIDI clips that play
through as a loop following the tempo set by Mobius first recorded
loop. These MIDI clips are all two bars long (representing one cycle
in Mobius) and contain an event that is assigned to Mobius Sustain
Substitute command. Now, the event is located at different positions
inside each MIDI loop in a way that no subcycles of the Mobius audio
loop will be overwritten until every damn subcycle has been filled up
with a chunk of substituting audio.

The performance technique is to simply play a song while it is all
running and experience a two bar granular loop being built over time
in the background; a generative granulation process.

I managed to come up with a script that keeps running and substituting
subcycles but what I failed at was how to implement the changes of
position inside the loop, as the substitute command has to be given at
a new position for each new loop round.

If we can hack together this in Mobius scripting based on subcycle
granules it will be even more powerful in performance than using
looped Ableton Live MIDI control clips. This is because the user can
apply the script at any state of the subcycle resolution (more
musically playable). A setting as "subcycles=16" may result in a
typical rhythmic groove on eight note beats while a setting as
"subcycles=312" would end up bordering to granular synthesis
(sound-wise that is).

This was originally posted at the Mobius forum but didn't catch
interest by the right people so I'm cross posting it here now.
My failed script attempt and some more details at

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen