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Re: Mobius: Help needed for a "Generative Granular Assembler" script

On 03/06/2014 19:12, Per Boysen wrote:

The performance technique is to simply play a song while it is all
running and experience a two bar granular loop being built over time
in the background; a generative granulation process.

So not far off from this:-



difference being that the algorithm I'm
using is (something like) simply
replacing a beat once in every 3 beats, and having
a loop 8 beats long ( to start with anyway).
That's the easiest way to ensure that every 'grain' gets replaced.
(having the control script in a polyrhythmic relationship to the loop)

As you'll hear, in these examples there's a enough give in the sync
for sound to build up in the 'gap between the beats', would have to
tweak the timing if wanted to get rid of that but makes an interesting 

That was done with 2 EDPs(looping) and a Gordius Little Giant(control 
...I wonder if you remember it from a couple of years back?