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Re: OT Marshall amp + external spk

On Aug 18, 2014, at 11:08 AM, bill walker wrote:

> PS conventional wisdom these days with vintage amps, is to remove the 
> original speaker and replace it. Old amps will last forever if properly 
> maintained, but old speakers don't, Sure you could use it till it blows 
> and have it re-coned, 

But what's the point of setting aside a great, old speaker and never using 
it? I know it will preserve the value of the amp, but I suppose I'd be 
more interested in having great tone. My old Voxes sound fantastic in 
large part due to their speakers. I'm not gigging them night after night, 
though, so for someone in that kind of position, putting in a modern 
replacement would make sense. But for recording, I think I'd choose the 
vintage speaker every time, if it was in good shape.

My .02