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Re: Midi Foot Controller - Which One?

> to be perfectly honest the switching is not totally silent, though to be fair there is no audible
> switch click, but if you really wanted live microphone silent the McMillen stuff is much more so

Yes, I stand corrected, thank you! The Gordious switches aren't silent, but much much more so then most hardware out there. They're almost silent. 

I have the original SoftStep as well and would use that for mics. I think the two together, though I've not yet harnessed the power of either, complement each other really well. A big problem for me with the softstep is that it really wants shoes to be on but I really, really prefer socks… I was going to buy some ninja shoes try at one point as a way of splitting the difference but I'd have to buy ninja socks too and, well, just haven't made it a priority. 

That's another maybe-not-so-often-considered factor though… socks or shoes?

Good luck!

On Nov 4, 2014, at 3:20 PM, bill walker wrote:

Well said Christopher, I would not give up my Gordius, even though Im currently using a 12 step for driving Mobius, and to be perfectly honest the switching is not totally silent, though to be fair there is no audible switch click, but if you really wanted live microphone silent the McMillen stuff is much more so.
On Nov 4, 2014, at 3:13 PM, Christopher Darrow <thedarrow@gmail.com> wrote:

making this transition with my rig will be a baby step towards configs that could 
outgrow the smaller units.  I am only anxious that the learning curve will be steep

I just wanted to chime in and say I think your right on both accounts… I have a VERY underutilized Gordious LG because of the learning curve and, though I am good at many things, anything involved with MIDI seems to be a really hurdle for me, even though I basically understand it. 

(There's a guy who was nice enough to do 8-10 or so (last time I checked) videos on the Gordious software editor so I recommend watching them to get an idea of how it works and why it's fantastic and in some ways simple but in many other ways a rabbit hole.) 

However, I went through a LOT of pedals, wasting money in the trade each time, to even get this far and there's value in knowing it can do whatever you need it to vs discovering you need a new pedal to get to the next function on your list. Just knowing that it can do most anything (minus keystrokes, which really, really annoys me though I could use Bomes MIDI Translator Pro) is, in a way, something that helps me know I'll get my setup done eventually, so that fact alone introduces a simplicity (I know the hardware can do it) and I know I won't waste money trading equipment around anymore. 

The screen is nice and large, the build quality is great, the expansion options (volume pedals, etc.) great, and possibly most important, as someone mentioned before, silent foot switches (though I've been thinking of making some sort of cap for them with a wider circumference because they're small enough to get lost in the space between your toes if you like to play in socks and aren't exactly accurate with the ball of your foot or big toe. That would be an easy enough mod, I just haven't got around to it. And I kind of like trying to be accurate, for now.)

As for support, most people love the guy. I've had a few issues, but I can't really blame him because I'm a "midiot" and he's just one guy with a day job and I don't lean on the user group like I could, partially because it's too hard to explain what I need.  I'd say he's great for the complicated stuff but just know you'll need users for the simple get started stuff, which is perhaps as it should be but still frustrating given the price. Again, he's just one guy with a day job. 

Lastly, be committed. Mine seemed to have a loose power supply jack and one of the 4 midi ports only works for a volume pedal, not a button. I don't know why, it was like that from the beginning, but over seas, returning isn't an option really. Not without a deterring cost. Luckily I haven't really ever had it turn off on me after the first week or so because it never moves, so that doesn't bother me, but if I ever start playing out, I might have to have it fixed locally.

All and all, I still advise it over the other options I've seen recommended. If you can afford to get the right tool, you may be saving yourself money and trouble (time) but if you just can't afford it, I'm sure you'll make the best of whatever you get. 

You know what you're trying to achieve, and that's a good portion of the battle.

Good luck, and do let us know where you went once you get where you're going!!!!


On Nov 3, 2014, at 8:40 AM, Rejyna MDW wrote:

firstWOW!  Thanks for all the advice and feedback - juts reading thru now - will respond, where pertinent, in order received:

Amy X Neuburg, your idea was a first consideration but you also mentioned the reason it wouldn't work - my song list is never in the same order, so I'd have to have the option of keying stored 'songs' in order.  Wouldn't have the time to change it before every show.  Still, your method would save adding yet another piece of gear.  Plus it is organically cool in some way

Bill Walker, considered the Softstep w/expander idea - still not off the table - and the offer of your FC50 is sweet!  wouldn't that also require linear song choices like Amy's idea?  It's important that I can call songs up like 'scenes' in a lighting rig in any order the set length and dynamic require.  Linear is still a lot of clicking up and/or down.  Also, I really want a large LED readout that shows a SONG TITLE so I don't have to remember which 'scene' # goes with which song.  Both the TC Minor and Midi Mouse are Numeric only - which means I'd have to have a cheat sheet onstage to know which numbers go where

Ivodne Galatea , I do like the PEAK (http://www.peak2005.com/j/midi-foot-controllers/23--fcb4x-programmable-midi-foot-controller-with-blue-lcd.html I think it is very similar to the Liquid Foot - this option is still on the table.

Hoby Ebert, the Disaster Area boxes are neat, but still only numerical readout - my memory is used for lots of things during a gig and there isn't cranial space available to remember which numbers on the Midi Controller correspond with which song - has to be a larger/more characters LED for me :/

Luca, Gordius is still a possibility - it would fill my current needs and grow with me.  I am almost certain that making this transition with my rig will be a baby step towards configs that could outgrow the smaller units.  I am only anxious that the learning curve will be steep, although I'm in no rush…

Andy Butler, yeah, the Yamaha is off the table - although it would work, too big - latency does matter also…not for loopers but for songs that transition without a break between them…and mid-song patch changes…

You folks Rock!  I will keep the group posted about which direction I go and how things work out.


P.S. If you're not on Facebook much, you'll miss the 'fun' promotional posts about my newest CD (oh darn, right?...) but the extensive liner notes along with song previews are available for gear/process geeks at http://cdbaby.com/cd/rejyna3 - - - I recorded all the music for this release on a single JamMan Solo using multiple memory slots for variations that were then later assembled/massaged in SoundForge, the vocals were tracked on a DigiTech GNX4 - no tape machines, virtual multi tracks or DAW's were harmed in the making of this experiment - it is a good study for the frugal and surpassingly acceptable fidelity that this process has produced - plus for an old progger to make 'marginally danceable' 'fringe pop' music is a sound everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime…peace all \,,/