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- FS: Vintage 1970s Analog Synth Bass pedals - CEM VCF/VCO, etc

I recently picked up these rare analog Crumar CPB-2 bass pedals. It sounds
amazing but I'm not much of a foot guy. Perfect for some Looper or analog
head who appreciates cool and quirky gear and priced to go VS Taurus or
other pedals of it's day.

MANY Pictures and video demo of this exact item here:

Direct Video Demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zwHqfehjDE

Quirky and cool analog bass Pedals with Juicy Filter and wide range.

Known as a "Poor man's Moog Tarus pedals" this set of bass pedals works
and sounds great with two waveforms, Envelope Mod for filter, Cutoff and
Resonance tweaking, and a huge 4+ octave range. Built into a SOLID metal
base pedal board.

All pedals and knobs switches work although I'm not sure what all of them
do (see video for Full Demo of functionality and condition).  Recently
cleaned up a bit there are some signs of aging on outside metal casing
(see pictures) but overall very good shape for it's age.  Please watch
video demo to get full low down (heh) on sound and how great it looks and


- Classic Curtis Chip VCF with Envelope Mod, Cutoff and Resonance knobs
(tweak and Squelch city!)

- Tune Knob on front and 32'/16' range button for instant shifting of
range from front panel. WIDE range over 4+ octaves!

- Funky Doubling/Chorus feature

- VCO waveform switches between Softer Ramp and Sawtooth.

- Switchable Sustain with Dedicated Modulation Wheel for amount

- Volume Wheel adjusts overall level.

- SOLID and HEAVY Metal bass. Good condition original cover with all
legending intact. (See pictures for exact details).

Sale will include schematics with notes on parts, tuning procedures, and
spec sheets on CEM chips.


I am asking $495.00 US which I think is very fair given the condition and
rarity (and all around mojo factor) of this great synth. I may consider
SERIOUS offers from established buyers or folks who make this easy and get
it to a good home ASAP. Knuckleheads ask 3x-4x that for old Taurus pedals.
These are different but cool and the rare (and working!) curtis VCO and
VCF make them sound and play uber cool in their own right.

Pickup in Phila PA or buyer pays shipping and packing. I accept USPS MO
and GREATLY prefer not to do PayPal (and will ONLY do Paypal Personal - no
fees) so someone who makes this an easy sale (ie: pickup and or quick
payment) wins. 20+ years of references available.

NOTE:  This is a Quirky, RARE, and Vintage analog synthesizer from the
1970s. As demonstrated in the video everything appears to work. Some
settings are interactive and do different things or lower volume so you
need to know what's going on and sometimes fiddle with it to adjust

As a result of it's vintage age and rarity this is an AS IS sale with no
refunds. Please watch the video, look at the pictures, and ask any
questions in advance. It is also HEAVY (solid metal base) and will need to
be pro packed so keep that in mind. I always ship at cost and receipt will
be provided. Buyer pays shipping and packing costs.

For an analog synth nut this is a wet dream, Hoping to get it to the right
home. Thanks for looking.

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