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Re: what is the state of things with pedals these days?

Wow. I remember the Deja Vu but I don't think I'd gone pedal intensive yet 
at the time. If it were stereo, it would be a slam dunk for me — probably 
much better than using the El Capistan as a looper. Of course, stereo 
would also up the complexity of the inserts. I wish I wasn't so fond of 
stereo chorus and delays.

As for the TC delays, I pretty much always use them in the quarter plus 
dotted eighth mode, but the Nova has other options. I'm trying to love the 
expression pedal with the Alter Ego X4 but I'm finding it to be a pain to 


> On Nov 8, 2014, at 5:28 AM, Ivodne Galatea <takas20@hotmail.com> wrote:
> This is not state-of-the-art as it is no longer made, and it hasn't lots 
> of features - but I am completely in love with my Deja Vu pedal from 
> Seymour Duncan. It can't do lots of clever things, but what it does it 
> does beautifully, and I have been using it almost exclusively since I 
> got it despite other pedals with better features.
> Effectively they put a bucket brigade device in front of a 30 second 
> delay you can use as a looper, so it's effectively a 30 second BBD with 
> all the artefacts I can want. Plus it has an effect send round so you 
> can treat the signal. I got a Timeline because it had that capability on 
> looping, but I haven't really used it yet despite having it for a while. 
> I have also Headrush and Boomerang and a laptop with various things, and 
> I force myself to do planned things with them, but when I go and jam  in 
> the odd 30 minutes available, I tend to only use the Deja Vu.