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RE: what is the state of things with pedals these days?

I haven't really gotten used to it yet, but I recently got a Timeline for the capabilities of having a separate effect send line, as well as the ability to employ the other delay capablities before or after the loop. It's effectively a clever 30 second looper, with the capabilities hidden in the usual tap dance configuration.
This is where the Molten Voltage Oz pedal comes in - it's a dedicated sidecar for the Timeline that has a control for the looping features. It works really well, with all the standard looping features (restart, reverse, undo, redo, double speed, swell, diminish) available.


The other currently available thing I have and use is (lo fi I know) the Zoom Bluetooth multistomp for 1-4 sec looping. When I travel for work I grab that and my little Danelectro Hamp and my Risa travel uke. Up to 6 hours of 4 second looping goodness on the run. This is because I fully expect to lose all my luggage and don't want unreplaceable things

but my true love -

This is not state-of-the-art as it is no longer made, and it hasn't lots of features - but I am completely in love with my Deja Vu pedal from Seymour Duncan. It can't do lots of clever things, but what it does it does beautifully, and I have been using it almost exclusively since I got it despite other pedals with better features.

Effectively they put a bucket brigade device in front of a 30 second delay you can use as a looper, so it's effectively a 30 second BBD with all the artefacts I can want. Plus it has an effect send round so you can treat the signal. I got a Timeline because it had that capability on looping, but I haven't really used it yet despite having it for a while. I have also Headrush and Boomerang and a laptop with various things, and I force myself to do planned things with them, but when I go and jam  in the odd 30 minutes available, I tend to only use the Deja Vu.

When I want to do multi time things I tend to  have left channel headrush on massive tape delay and right channel deja vu on maximum modulation mode. Yes I am falling for mood kitsch, but I love it