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Re: Bidule crashes when Mobius in Host sync mode

    Experiment. Load 2 instances of Mobius and see if they will
    sync together directly, ignoring the host time (Bidule can do that, 
for VST at least ).
    This might give a better idea of where the problem is.

In order to problem solve sometimes it's informative just
to do an experiment.

It doesn't solve the problem directly, but often throws up useful 
that helps solve the problem.

You're currently in a bad position, in that the info you provide
doesn't tell enough to know the source of the problem.
...and even Per hasn't come across it before.

Whether it's Bidule, or Mobius, or something to do with the mac OS  and 

I'd guess it's either a Bidule or a Mobius thing, both have forums
and guys to help. ...but where to ask first?

If all the Mobius functions (including sync) work when it's hooked up in a 
different way
then you'd start at the Bidule forum.

So it may seem that people trying to help are suggesting random stuff that 
doesn't help,
but really it's the need for more info.

sorry to not be a big help,
and yes in many ways old XP was nicer, it actually displayed error messages
rather than just shutting down your program without explanation.

good luck