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Re: OT: Imaginary 3D music grid.. scales needed.

Yes I love Thumbjam, and the way you describe is kinda how it is at the moment, and you hint at a possible patch idea, for use with one oscilator where x is notes in a scale and y transposes that scale, that just needs a combiner module, but when playing with 2 oscilators (or 3 but I havent tested it as I usually have Z mapped to an amplifier) its possible for a scale in the X direction to "clash" with a note in the Y direction. Im hoping for more harmonies, so some notes need to be omitted from the scale.

Yes I agree he needs to implement more scales that jjust major... I think hes puttin minor in but there is an interface challenge in that he only really has 5 "slots" to access possible scales. Im trying to persuade him to lose the free "theremin" mode as the whole device has a slew function (portamento) so sliding notes can be generated, even if they would end up on predetermined "notes"

For the curious, the sequencer works a little like a looper.. in that you press record, wave your hand, and press again to start looping the notes generated by the handwaving. Then you can "overdub" which is not overdub as we know it, more insert... so the loop continues and a next press of record and release will replace the hand movements between those button presses.
In addition we are working on time quantising the notes, so that an incoming clock signal will force your notes to a timebase.. including the quantising of your initial press of record and stop, to force your performance to a bar or 2 bars or any additional time division based on what clock speed you send it... this is very powerful if a little buggy right now,


On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 11:18 AM, Simeon Harris <simeonharris40@googlemail.com> wrote:
i think the simplest thing is to have the same scale running along the x axis and the y axis. so as you move left to right, you can play melodies using notes in the scale and then movement in the y axis will change the harmony for that note. they should all sound “pleasing”…pretty much

as well as “major” you could also have “minor” and use the Aeolian minor scale or the Dorian minor

Thumbjam is worth a look if you haven’t already. it works on the principle of quantised scales 


Of course I will just sit down with a keyboard and try it out.. but interested in some theory here..
Am i looking at "modes" here? 
Or am I just limited to notes in the root chord 1st 3rd 4th 5th...