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Re: TC Ditto X4

I have always disliked all of the Ditto line. I've had bad experiences with TC Electronics build quality in the past. Another major reason I stay clear of a Ditto is that when you delete a loop, the existing loop plays for a fraction of second before deleting. How is that at all usable in a live setting?

On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 1:52 PM, Michał Wiernowolski <mihalw@gmail.com> wrote:
This pedal looks very interesting and contains many features I would expect from an advanced looper - stereo operation, two loops, decay (feedback) and MIDI sync/ctrl.  The price is quite reasonable. I am waiting for the manual which will surely answer many questions. Nevertheless I would like to hear user's opinions on how well it works. Specifically I am curious about:

[1] MIDI sync - is there kind of time-stretching implemented (and what is the acceptable margin of clock difference)?
[2] You can choose Record-Overdub-Play mode - will it allow for seamless recording of sustained sounds (for 'ambient' style loops)?
[3] According to review in bonedo  (reference from TC: http://www.bonedo.de/artikel/einzelansicht/tc-electronic-ditto-x4-looper-test.html) more effects can be stacked on top of each other. Can you record with more effects switched on and how does the looper go back to 'normal' playback mode (I am thinking about synchronizing with external sequencer - will it go back to some cue point)?
[4] I assume the decay affects only loops in recording mode. Is it so?
[5] Does the sync/serial switch work on the fly?

Thanks in advance for your comments

I just got a TC Ditto X4 looper but I can’t find the manual online. The box included only a quick-start guide. Anybody know where I can find the manual?