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Re: TC Ditto X4

i have used the Ditto and the X2 so far, both sound superb and are almost 
ideal in their simplicity. 
The small Ditto does have the problem when erasing, the bigger doesn't, as 
it has a dedicated stop button. 
And if you stop (double step on small Ditto, single on X2) and hold down, 
then you delete right away and silently.
The footswitches are silent switches, even on the lowest volumes there is 
rarely a click to be heard. 
I was not content with the footswitches for another reason and sent back 
two units, before i found out, that they sometimes don't connect, when 
your foot is overly angled, pushing sideways rather than down. That is 
still a bit akward, however, the two Dittos i still have are the best 
sounding loopers i ever heard, they disgrace Boss and alike so much i 
could never be bothered to think those again. 


On Feb 1, 2016, at 8:15 PM, Joe Gushen wrote:

> I have always disliked all of the Ditto line. I've had bad experiences 
> with TC Electronics build quality in the past. Another major reason I 
> stay clear of a Ditto is that when you delete a loop, the existing loop 
> plays for a fraction of second before deleting. How is that at all 
> usable in a live setting?