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Re: software looper

On 01/02/2016 14:06, Noah Peterson wrote:
This vid might be somewhat useful.
It's Mike Nelson talking about the MIDI capabilities of the Boomerang.

It syncs to incoming midi clock, and can pass it to the output. I think 
that's it.

Probably to get less midi capability you'd be looking at a device without 
midi sockets ;-)

I did some preliminary checks on the midi sync tho, and it seemed really 
No glitching at loop end while overdubbing on a synced loop!
Will get round to giving it a full test soon, but so far I'm impressed.

Mike Nelson seems dead against adding midi capability,
and perhaps he's right that it would scare off potential users.




On Sun, January 31, 2016 11:03 pm, Torben Scharling wrote:
Sounds very interesting guys. Albeit perhaps a bit too geeky for my brain.
My hope was/is that I could ditch, or perhaps combine the rang with the
controllers, since I need to potentially be looping both electric guitar,
electric bass-guitar, vocals and sometimes even keyboard in the same song,
and that's just a mess waiting to happen, when you can't control the
individual loops volume, and only got an undo of the very last thing you
did (unless you call shutting off loop "undo"). However, the idea behind
getting the rang and side car was and perhaps still is, that I could have
that as the hardware backbone, thus relieving the computer from doing the
looping tasks. As time has gone by without me getting thaat much further,
could potentially be looking at not getting my first ideal setup up and
running the way I want it, until the next generation of MacBook Pro's
arrive, which should be by summer 2016. So by then, or by when I can
actually afford something like that, I would hope I could do it all in the
box with effects etc. with low latency. That's been my dream for over a
decade. But, I can't sit around and wait for that, so I gotta listen to
experts and start to get a stable and capable system up and running
with what I got, and can afford. Even if that means going stand-alone
instead of DAW, or if it means running software looping and the boomerang
combined. At first obviously I had thought I could do it all with the
boomerang, but I find it too dogma'ish and tend to create the loops the
same way, with loop 3 as master, and then add on the 1,2 and 4 channels,
but that only takes me about 1/3rd or 1/4th of the way to sounding
professional enough. Mind you I'm not usually trying to do soundscape type
of stuff, but rather trying to make a one-man "band" sound like a 4

Might as well show my current in the works board, as I appreciate the
from you guys, and I'm sure I can learn a lot if I sit down and take the
time to try and understand some of the neat ideas and tricks y'all are
mentioning, that I don't really this point understand what even means :)
anyone has "rang" type presets and layouts for whatever software (mac
capable) I'm all ears and inbox, cause I have no programming skills
whatsoever :)



Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209