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Re: Seeking Inspiration

I love about looping, that i can stack and stack and undo and reverse and 
tape-stype pitch and THEN switch it off, and that memory is volatile.
About your 2nd question: Noise is politics. As music is a part of noise, 
music is politics, too. So there is an ethos, which dictates urgency, 
curiosity, thoughtfulness and transformation in aesthetics and the 
creative process.

Now that was very brief.


On Feb 5, 2016, at 4:47 PM, <3x09@carlsonarts.com> <3x09@carlsonarts.com> 

> What do you love about looping?
> And, I’m not talking the general stuff like “I don’t need a band,” or “I 
> like to hear my own voice layered 12 times” (guilty). 
> What is it about the aesthetic, ethos and the creative process that 
> appeals to you?