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Re: Seeking Inspiration

On 05/02/2016 15:47, 3x09@carlsonarts.com wrote:

What do you love about looping?

Well, that 'not needing a band' thing does feature.
Or rather, not needing to explain to other musicians and
hope they're going to get it.

Otherwise a number of things appeal:-

The ability to have the different layers of sound performing different functions.
Like having a cloud layer ( sometimes called 'ambient') of sounds without attack
running against a rhythm layer.

The odd timings that can be had. Strangest is a kind of 'spider web' type
rhythm which emerges as you Insert small sections into a loop.
(only possible on the EDP)

Being able to combine a whole load of diverse sounds in a mix, as is
not so practical when playing solo without loops.

The thrill of the tightly arranged piece that just sounds impossible.

To be able to control the structure of an improvisation with a number of parallel elements.

Sometimes it nice to get the loops going and then take a stroll.