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Re: Mobius headache: finding where are my ui.xml and mobius.xml files

Hi Todd,

1. Yes, i looked into them but couldn't find anything interesting to check. Actually I've been looking to the visible buttons list but couldn't find it at all, that would have been the easiest way to recognize the right .xml files.

2. That would be a very interesting direction to investigate !

Thank you for your support !

Il giorno 15 mag 2016, alle ore 14:37, todd reynolds <toddreyn@gmail.com> ha scritto:

Two questions, Luca.

1. When you found the duplicates, dogs you take a look at them in the text editor?

2. And, i remember when i had this particular issue myself, i believe that i found the ones that were getting priority in the roaming or application support folders. Don't want to send you down another rabbit hole, and I will look through my old emails to see if I have Exact Solutions. Just know that you're not alone.