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Re: Plogue Bidule anyone?

thank you Hal,

I agree about Per's solution but I need to manage parallel chains of plugins and not parallel single plugins.
I need an application that allows multiple plugins to change their preset and their bypass state via a single midi command ( PC or CC).
Audiomulch is very essential by this point of view ( and with a deadly absence of bypass state) but allows a very easy preset midi mapping.
Bidule's preset mapping is still very obscure to me and honestly surprised by the negation of Program Changes.

More about it here: http://www.plogue.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7802

I feel the beloved LD list is way more reactive than Bidule's one by the way...

I'd love Bidule to be the one, but it looks like its Developer's vision and goals are different than mine.

My best and thanks for your kind help,

On 11/09/16 01:27, Dean, Hal wrote:
FWIW, I am running a 64 bit Biddle layout with J-bridged versions of a few 32bit VSTs, chief among them Mobius. Win7 on a refurbished i7 ThinkPad. It is rock solid.

Per's approach to changing presets on the fly is a basic part of my setup. I have the screen set up to have preset names of active VSTs across the top, so changes are readily visible, albeit small font that would not be easy to read on a stage, on a laptop screen.

The Biddle forum is very helpful too.

All the best of luck with getting your setup in tune ,

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