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Re: The Gig Rack

yes, variations is exactly about that.
I'm investigating and starting to stress the expectations.

why don't you join Per?
I think we could really help them to develop a nice product if we want.

otherwise we might ask Ross Bencina to set up an LD version of Audiomulch which, when it would have reached the 64 bit and the multi core support, would still the best out there, imho.
Per, have you ever checked its morphing surface???

On 12/09/16 23:16, Per Boysen wrote:
Cool! That seems to be an interesting product! I especially like their
"Variations"; it seems to draw on channel-strips or patches in
Logic/Mainstage, but is hopefully smoother for direct switching. THey
didn't mention scaling on the site, but I can't imagine they won't
have that as well. Richie Hawtin had a guy build him a similar
solution for Live in Max4Live; a way to take snapshots of everything
as you go and then return to any of those snapshots (total recall of
all parameters in all plugins and host mixer). Logelloop goes a bit
further by offering seamless morphing between snapshots (for all
looper and plugin parameters including mixer), that can sound really
cool when applied to speed/pitch-shift of live loops.

Kick their beta asses to get it out soon, Luca!

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 10:48 PM, Luca - Unguitar <luca@unguitar.com> 
while desperately seeking the audio routing and control environment for the
next years I've found this: www.thegigrack.com

They are currently in the beta process, to which i've applied today.

It is a very essential platform and the people behind it seem pretty
interested in making it work in a way that I think some of us might