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Re: RC505 bumps

hi man,

thanks for this detailed, warm and Humorous reply.

You know one terrible thing, I had my holy grail looper Once in awhile, it was called the Electrix repeater. It grew old and started being hard to use because of its switches that use some kind of Silicon underneath, that gets squashed after a few years of use, furthermore when you bought it second-hand which is my case. Nevertheless, I decided I would come back to it after all my research for new stuff that didn't meet my needs. Only to find out the machine was down. It now makes an awful and loud static noise when turned on, and the display is blank.

This was definitely the best looper in the world ever made as far as I'm concerned. Of course, it's a bit old-fashioned nowadays, it uses CFC cards which I don't even know if they are still on sale, and it has a few flaws like the fact that when you run direct signal through it, the signal is delayed by a few milliseconds, I would say about 20, which forces me to use a mixer to mix dry and loop, which I didn't want to do at first.

From what I know the Electrix company is dead, Repeter 2 wich Promised to be even better than 1 never made it, and am now looking for the schematics to get it serviced in France. I just dropped a line to a company called Condor electronics that can still service this machine, and I hope they'll send me the service manual, because shipping it to the USA would be Ridiculously expensive I imagine.

Still looking at new gear though, who knows…,

Best regards,


Le 17/02/2017 à 04:47, DogFaced Boy a écrit :
The Infinity looper from Pigtronix lets you specify multiplications of the first loop length, 2, 3,4 and 6 times longer. I don't know whether it's easy or hard for a visually-impaired person; I am totally IN AWE of anyone who can even breathe and... remember to beat their heart and stuff, even eat in that state, much less record music? Much of the settings on the Infinity are soft little rubber buttons which move small and not-too-bright lights around to indicate status, I have to use a flashlight and I'm not impaired (not THATaways...) There isn't like a positive "STOP" feeling or click from the buttons. For my own self, I have become very wary of "moving out the old, in with the new" regarding musical equipment for that very reason you mention. It sometimes seems like some of my favorite, easiest functions get "improved" right outta the newest bestest improved versions of stuff. DON'T DUMP TILL YOU KNOW - I've had many horses leave the barn before I figured that one up! And for my own stuff again, I have just bit the bullet and acknowledged that sometimes going back and forth from one machine to another is a LOT easier mentally for me than trying to take full advantage of the trickery built inside a single, multi-multi-multi-finction device. It ABSOLUTELY means a higher buildup of noise, I don't "quantize" well so sometimes it's real hard to get myself all coordinated, and I am surely NOT "taking advantage" of all the hoopla and trickery I paid for - BUT IT WORKS.

Once I accept a certain level of bone-headedness as fundamental, I can be smarter... like one dumb easy trick is that rather than trying to coordinate with some click or metronome TRACK, just use an entirely external, $8 metronome that NEVER does get recorded onto anything. I'm also using free recording software "Audacity" as my end-of-the-line storage, whether temporary or permanent. While I'm sure self-sufficiency is a touchstone for you, I would bet that if you can find someone familiar with that or Ableton etc., they could set up some sort of basic, maybe eight or ten command interface that would at least let you save EVERYTHING, even if it requires more sorting out later.

I am guessing, but is it easier for you to have MORE buttons that each do a lot and LESS jumping here and there to get combinations of functions? Like a MIDI switching device can be programmed to execute a set of software AND even some hardware responses, poke ONE button and it does overdub/save, another button and it does replace/save and on and on. The difficulty lies in deciding which functions are most useful and getting someone to install that, not whether it can be done. For that matter Dave Koltai at Pigtronix is quite a problem-solver, AND their devices are all software upgradable via USB. If you and he figured out a list of cool useful command combinations he might find that to be very useful for a lot of other people... I play steel guitar and very shortly after I e-mailed Pigtronix my typical "steel guitarists got no frets to save us, we CAN'T stop and LOOK for buttons OR footswitches!" bitchy rant, he personally got back to me, figured out how to separate the up from the down and built me a nifty little footswitcher de-luxe that fixed many things. A bit of which then showed up as product. I STILL, to this day, when I see a box with several footswitches and lots of what are clearly HAND-switches, I'm like... "Well, DUH. What IS this fucking thing supposed to BE?" It is beneath my DIGNITY to go crawling around on the floor while creating my ART! Ummm, well actually, I'm 59 years old with bad discs, and once I'm down there the odds of getting back up anytime soon are diminishing almost weekly, it seems. Might be worth dropping him a line, if any of this rings a bell.

On Sat, Feb 11, 2017 at 12:15 PM, Jean-Philippe Rykiel <jprykiel@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi John,
yes, of course, Live would be a good idea, but I'm blind. In spite of all the control surfaces that exists for live, I cannot really use it, as some settings are inaccessible to visually impaired users.
It's a shame, I have contacted them a few years ago, but they had no solution.
I'm not aware of every looper on the market nowadays, Are there any others featuring stereo tracks and the ability to build independent tracks, with different durations?
Le 11/02/2017 à 16:02, John Baylies a écrit :
I'm sorry to hear that. Just so you know, Ableton Life's built in Looper overdubs flawlessly as long as you have enough CPU power.
On Sat, Feb 11, 2017, 3:58 AM Jean-Philippe Rykiel <jprykiel@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello dear loopers, just bought this device, had read the manual before and really thought It would be the holy Loopers Grail, Since repeater to never made it. Here is my issue. I want to make a continuous, non-rhythmic, loop, with pad like sounds. To avoid bumping effects, or phase differences between the beginning and the end of the loop, I start by recording a two second or more silent loop. Then, I switched to overdubb and record my pad or whatever with a slow attack and a slow end so there is no abrupt point in the wave form. The result is a smooth loop with no audible click. This Is an old technique I'm sure everyone here knows, and it worked perfectly on the RC2/20. with the RC505, a bump is heard at loop start no matter what I do,  from the moment overdub is engaged. Before I take it back to the shop, does anyone have an advice for me other than, "take it back to the shop" ? Best regards, JPR   http://www.jprykiel.com http://soundcloud.com/ryksounet http://twitter.com/ryksounet http://facebook.com/jeanphilipperykiel