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Updating LP1 Help

Hi all,

  I've spent the past couple days trying to upgrade my 2006 black LP1 and have a few questions.  I'm hoping someone on loopers-delight can help me out because the Looperlative FB page is very low traffic and I wonder if or when I'll hear anything back :-) 

1)  LP1Ctl.jar

I'm having a problem getting the LP1Ctl.jar program to recognize the LP1 on the same LAN as the laptop.  After doing a lot of research on connecting external devices via ethernet to laptop I tried various settings on the LP1, exactly matching them on the laptop ethernet properties for static 4 TCP/IP.  Finally after hours of trying I used these settings on both LP1 & laptop:

IP: 192:168:1:101
Gateway: 192:168:1:1
Netmask: 255:255:255:0
DNS: 10:0:0:1

I started LP1Ctl.jar and it showed "Connected"!  I ran the upgrade from v1 to v2 choosing the highest release I got from the Looperlative FB site, version2_22.  The upgrade worked properly.  I wrote down all the successful settings, but every time since that I've run LP1Ctl.jar, it fails and I'm back to getting the "Not connected" message.  I also tried this on my other laptop running Windows 10 with the same result..."Not connected".

2) Why does it matter?

I want to move to a different upgrade because 2.22, for one thing, shows the wrong tracks when you press the track buttons on the front of the unit.  Makes me wonder what else could be going wrong in there.

Button 1 = T1
Button 2 = T2
Button 3 = T4
Button 4 = T3
Button 5 = T5
Button 6 = T6
Button 7 = T8
Button 8 = T7

Also, the most recent manual I can find (1.38) describes a "mellotron mode" feature that I want to use, but it appears to be nowhere to be found in V2.22.  I want to reload 
version1_38g to try it out.

3) Help

Does anyone have any idea why the network settings worked once getting my LP1 on the LAN for LP1Ctl.jar, but never again?  I've also posted for help on the Looperlative FB site, but mine was the first post in 5 months and honestly I wonder if I'll ever see a response there.

4) V2.22 Manual

If I can't get the LP1 reconnected and downgraded to 1_38g and am stuck with 2.22, is there any kind of manual anywhere to help me figure out what I have to work with?