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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V20 #10

I remember joining somewhat soon after the List began
(in the 2nd week of October, I will have been live looping in public for
25 years:  I think we had the very first monthly live looping paid gig
at Mobo Sushi with a group we called 'Third Wave'.  My brother, Bill Walker
(who, working as a pro musician and at Union Grove Music, got me discounts
on the three Lexicon Jammans that was to own) and Gary Regina had
been playing a lot of instrumental 'world music fusion'  in a group called 'Worlds Collide' since 1998 and we all had Jammans that were midi-ed up (why, oh why,  oh why, after all these years do so few manufacturers not include midi clock I/O in their loopers) with an inexpensive Midi Bay that I owned at the time and we just improvised
using world musics, scales, rhythms and our own sensibility.
Once a month we each got 50 bucks to play Mobo Sushi.   We'll be celebrating our 25th anniversary at Mobo this coming October if Sheltering in Place is not still going

Anyway,  I was brand new to computers, the internet and I was just
learning how to use e-mail (which seemed very confusing at the time....lol) so I joined
L.D. , if memory serves  sometime in1996 but  only for one day.

I joined and 100 emails hit my IN box and I was so overwhelmed, I unsubscribed
(and somehow figured out how to actually do that.....lol) immediately.

I ended up joining a year or two later (and please forgive me, all of this is from memory
which is NOT my strongest suit in live so I might have the dates wrong.

It became Church for me and by 1998 I was beginning to put on local
Live Looping mini 'festivals' and it all began for me.

I love this list and confess I have not been active on it for a very long time, especially after Dennis Moser started the L.D. at Facebook group,  which I check in with periodically.

Nice to hear all the 'old timers'  telling their stories!

much love and appreciation to all of you.  My world is so much bigger and better because of this community.  Bless Kim Flint for starting it and maintaining it for so long.


On 6/15/2020 8:27 AM, Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote: