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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V20 #10


You and I must’ve joined LD about the same time in October of ’96.

I remember having to use a dial up modem and each page/message took about 
a minute to load (with lots of modem noise in the background, LOL).

Those were the days.



> On Jun 15, 2020, at 5:19 PM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> I remember joining somewhat soon after the List began
> (in the 2nd week of October, I will have been live looping in public for
> 25 years:  I think we had the very first monthly live looping paid gig
> at Mobo Sushi with a group we called 'Third Wave'.  My brother, Bill 
> Walker
> (who, working as a pro musician and at Union Grove Music, got me 
> discounts
> on the three Lexicon Jammans that was to own) and Gary Regina had
> been playing a lot of instrumental 'world music fusion'  in a group 
> called 'Worlds Collide'
> since 1998 and we all had Jammans that were midi-ed up (why, oh why,  oh 
> why, after
> all these years do so few manufacturers not include midi clock I/O in 
> their loopers)
> with an inexpensive Midi Bay that I owned at the time and we just 
> improvised
> using world musics, scales, rhythms and our own sensibility.
> Once a month we each got 50 bucks to play Mobo Sushi.   We'll be 
> celebrating our
> 25th anniversary at Mobo this coming October if Sheltering in Place is 
> not still going
> on)
> Anyway,  I was brand new to computers, the internet and I was just
> learning how to use e-mail (which seemed very confusing at the 
> time....lol) so I joined
> L.D. , if memory serves  sometime in1996 but  only for one day.
> I joined and 100 emails hit my IN box and I was so overwhelmed, I 
> unsubscribed
> (and somehow figured out how to actually do that.....lol) immediately.
> I ended up joining a year or two later (and please forgive me, all of 
> this is from memory
> which is NOT my strongest suit in live so I might have the dates wrong.
> It became Church for me and by 1998 I was beginning to put on local
> Live Looping mini 'festivals' and it all began for me.
> I love this list and confess I have not been active on it for a very 
> long time, especially
> after Dennis Moser started the L.D. at Facebook group,  which I check in 
> with periodically.
> Nice to hear all the 'old timers'  telling their stories!
> much love and appreciation to all of you.  My world is so much bigger 
> and better
> because of this community.  Bless Kim Flint for starting it and 
> maintaining it for so long.
> Rick