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almost 24 years...

WOW - It's great to see so many familiar names.

Something here clearly has been a powerful force for many of us. 

For myself, discovering this looping community helped me know that, while I at first didn't know anyone near who was looping, I wasn't alone or crazy for doing live sound-on-sound looping performances.

I still have the same rack of outboard gear and little pedals I used 20 years ago. 
It's a pain in the neck to cart around.
And standing on one foot while pumping a volume pedal isn't as fun as it used to be.

But noting else gets "that sound" - so I remain the dinosaur. 
When it's all cranking through a big PA, aaahhhhh, there's nothing like it!   

If so inclined, crank this up loud:: https://soundcloud.com/undomusic/enchantment

Many happy returns.... :)