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Re: almost 24 years...

Chiming in on this nostalgia thread. I’ve been on the list for a verrry 
long time and enjoying all the enthusiasm and helpful info here.  Possible 
I played at the very first Looping Festival??? Also knew Kim, who lived 
not far from me. One year we drove down to the festival together, and I 
occasionally stopped by his studio to see what he was up to. Early on, he 
and Matthias came over to my place to see what I was doing with the EDP 
and Drumkat and I gave them a little concert.

I had been making music with synths and computers ever since the mid ‘80s. 
My first computer music was programmed in BASIC, first synths were the 
fine collection of relics at Oberlin Conservatory: giant Moog, Buchla, 
Arp, Putney, and the glorious DX-7. I especially loved working with 
multi-track tape (big 1” reels) and layering vocals. This eventually led 
to me triggering samples of my voice using the Drumkat so I could sing 
along with myself live. The moment the EDP came out, which allowed me to 
control everything using MIDI notes from the Dtumkat, I totally found my 
calling as a looper.

Still have two EDPs here at the studio though I moved on to Mobius many 
years ago. Interesting to note the compositional style each looper 
influenced. The EDP allowed one to switch cleanly between loops running at 
various clocks, so my whole body of work at that time was full of sudden 
contrasting changes — really suited my experimental approach to music. 
Then Mobius allowed me to fade between multiple stereo loops and 
everything became much more fluid and spacious. Some of those old EDP 
songs, though, were challenging to port over, now requiring multiple drum 
hits where there used to be just one, in order to spread loops out in the 
stereo field.

Happy looping!