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Re: almost 24 years...

> On 20200616, at 20:28, Amy X Neuburg <amyx@isproductions.com> wrote:
> Chiming in on this nostalgia thread. I’ve been on the list for a verrry 
> long time and enjoying all the enthusiasm and helpful info here.  
> Possible I played at the very first Looping Festival??? Also knew Kim, 
> who lived not far from me. One year we drove down to the festival 
> together, and I occasionally stopped by his studio to see what he was up 
> to. Early on, he and Matthias came over to my place to see what I was 
> doing with the EDP and Drumkat and I gave them a little concert.

I remeber that, yes! was great! I was impressed by all the elaborated 
tricks and compositions, I mostly met improvisers before...