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Re: Looper development and production costs?

wow, that's sure the best nativity scene I've ever seen on a guitar.
For the EDP, I'd suggest a more secular look.

I hate to say it, but the "who cares about design?" attitude is totally
typical of the more technically orientated.  One of my good friends
(does the backend web based database programming) thought the end of the
web happened with the introduction of images.  Because of this attitude,
I see a hell of a lot of ugly web sites.  A hell of a lot of ugly in

Now, have I ever bought a piece of gear or instrument because of it's
look?  No.  However, I know that when I first saw a Steinberger I
thought, "Wow, weird.  I wonder what that plays like?"  My curiosity
influenced me to play one, and it's quality got me to eventually buy

So there you have it.  I can think of a bunch of other times similar
things have happened.  The first time I saw an Alessis Air Effect, I
thought, "What the hell is that thing?"  Got me to check one out for
sure.  Never bought one, as it didn't do anything that other gear I have
already does, but with a different interface.  It got me to tell a DJ
friend of mine about it, though, and he bought one.

Now frankly, the look of the EDP says to me, "Small company, maybe not
going to be around very long.  Ran out of cash and didn't do any
industrial or graphic design."  I know this isn't true, but when this is
at your local music shop in a rack of other gear screaming for my
attention, unless I'm looking for it, it may be easy to pass by.  Now,
if it looked interesting, a young pre looper might ask the salesman,
"Hey, what does that thing do?"  (if it's designed correctly, the look
would elude to it's function as well) A quick demo, and they're running
visa cards.  They all live happily ever after.  Next year a stereo
version comes out.

The End.

Tom Ritchford wrote:

> is there one of you on the list who can really
> truly claim you never bought an instrument
> at least partly because it looked exciting?
> (and if you are a guitarist, I'm not going to believe
> you if you say no!)
> For example, I have two of these:
> http://www.gibson.com/whatsnew/pressrelease/2000/dec11a.html
> aren't they great?
> http://whatGoes.com  ................ extreme NY calendar.
> http://ax.to/fortune ......... a new fortune every minute.
> http://clikTrik.com  .................. Many, many photos.