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Re: Looper development and production costs?

Thank you for all your nicely put opinions. I had a lot of smiles and 
did some thinking and ended up agreeing with Mark (below).

I was never asked by anybody at Gibson whether the design fitted to 
what I had put into it or whether it fits to the customers I would 
expect (after I we had demoed the LOOP delay to hundreds of people 
during Frankfurt Messe). I may not be very smart at it anyway... and 
those people are all long gone, so it could be totally different 

With this discussion you animate a scenario, my friends, thank you very 

>wow, that's sure the best nativity scene I've ever seen on a guitar.
>For the EDP, I'd suggest a more secular look.
>I hate to say it, but the "who cares about design?" attitude is totally
>typical of the more technically orientated.  One of my good friends
>(does the backend web based database programming) thought the end of the
>web happened with the introduction of images.  Because of this attitude,
>I see a hell of a lot of ugly web sites.  A hell of a lot of ugly in
>Now, have I ever bought a piece of gear or instrument because of it's
>look?  No.  However, I know that when I first saw a Steinberger I
>thought, "Wow, weird.  I wonder what that plays like?"  My curiosity
>influenced me to play one, and it's quality got me to eventually buy
>So there you have it.  I can think of a bunch of other times similar
>things have happened.  The first time I saw an Alessis Air Effect, I
>thought, "What the hell is that thing?"  Got me to check one out for
>sure.  Never bought one, as it didn't do anything that other gear I have
>already does, but with a different interface.  It got me to tell a DJ
>friend of mine about it, though, and he bought one.
>Now frankly, the look of the EDP says to me, "Small company, maybe not
>going to be around very long.  Ran out of cash and didn't do any
>industrial or graphic design."  I know this isn't true, but when this is
>at your local music shop in a rack of other gear screaming for my
>attention, unless I'm looking for it, it may be easy to pass by.  Now,
>if it looked interesting, a young pre looper might ask the salesman,
>"Hey, what does that thing do?"  (if it's designed correctly, the look
>would elude to it's function as well) A quick demo, and they're running
>visa cards.  They all live happily ever after.  Next year a stereo
>version comes out.
>The End.
>Tom Ritchford wrote:
>>  is there one of you on the list who can really
>>  truly claim you never bought an instrument
>>  at least partly because it looked exciting?
>>  (and if you are a guitarist, I'm not going to believe
>>  you if you say no!)
>>  For example, I have two of these:
>>  http://www.gibson.com/whatsnew/pressrelease/2000/dec11a.html
>>  aren't they great?
>>  http://whatGoes.com  ................ extreme NY calendar.
>>  http://ax.to/fortune ......... a new fortune every minute.
>>  http://clikTrik.com  .................. Many, many photos.


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