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Re: EH16 Reissue First Impressions

Hey Paolo, David, and Stan-

I would really like it if you guys can contribute EH16-II reviews for the 
Looper's Delight web site! Especially since you have such different 
impressions and are using it for different reasons. Probably you can reuse 
what you wrote already or update it if you like. Let me know, ok? I've 
especially been looking for a reviewer who is very familiar with the 
original and can make a detailed comparison. A lot of people are 
in whether it is a faithful reissue or not.

And the rest of you also! I'm always looking for good quality reviews for 
the site. People are really interested in what LDer's have to say about 
various loop tools. Thousands of people come every week to read the 
on the site. Far more than read the mailing list. A lot of the devices on 
the site don't have much commentary, and I think we can do better with 
that. So if you can, take a look at your favorite tools and write us a 
review! Whether you are an experienced looper or not, it is ok since 
different perspectives are valued by people looking for opinions. The 
is waiting to hear from you. You will be famous!


At 01:31 PM 8/26/2004, Paolo Valladolid wrote:
>Mark Sottilaro covered the MIDI features and other
>features in greater depth in his review:
>The following is my own impressions.

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