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Re: EH16 Reissue First Impressions

At 12:14 AM 8/27/2004, you wrote:

>And the rest of you also! I'm always looking for good quality reviews for 
>the site. People are really interested in what LDer's have to say about 
>various loop tools. Thousands of people come every week to read the 
>reviews on the site. Far more than read the mailing list. A lot of the 
>devices on the site don't have much commentary, and I think we can do 
>better with that. So if you can, take a look at your favorite tools and 
>write us a review! Whether you are an experienced looper or not, it is ok 
>since different perspectives are valued by people looking for opinions. 
>The world is waiting to hear from you. You will be famous!


If you like, feel free to repost the review/labtest I published to the LD 
list for using dual-mono Echo Pro's to simulate stereo looping.  If you 
can't find it in the archives, let me know and I'll resend a copy.

Don't need to be famous, but maybe it'll help anyone who's looking at 
something similar...  ;)