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Re: Ableton & Odd meters (was: Is it Ableton Live - or is it me?)

Great !!
Which of those functions can you do it using only the footpedal ?
Its possible to use Live  Ableton only with a midi footpedal (free hands?).

>Hi Per
>>  > [on Ableton:] How am I going to switch from 4/4 to 7/8?
>>  Manually, by using the mouse. Unfortunately.
>Yeah, just figured that out. I'm not able to set any keyboard or 
>midi shortcuts for global meter.  :-(  (maybe some Mac Automation 
>I'm still experimenting with Ableton Live & Odd meters.
>Some success:
>- You can set a tempo for each scene. This way, you can duplicate a 
>scene, assign different tempo to it and every time you switch scene 
>global tempo will adjust. (Nice stuff, alas, no key/midi mapping 
>- I have created a file with default scenes where each scene has a 
>midi clip with 4/8, 3/8, 5/8, 7/8 or 11/8 meter. This sounds much 
>better than the obnoxious metronome and can be good starting point 
>for an odd meter loop. (i.e. close/open hihat 7/8: 
>    - This way, I can start with the default file, select the scene 
>with my desired meter, start playing this scene with my desired midi 
>    - Set global tempo to x/8 (with mouse :-( )
>    - Duplicate the scene with my desired tempo several times - and 
>there we go!
>    - Alternatively, probably you could create various files with 
>different meters (maybe, with midi controller software: i.e. open 
>prepared file for each meter setting?)
>- I have prepared 9 audio tracks. I have assigned Number Pads 1-9 on 
>keyboard to mount track 2-10 for recording.
>- When I launch a scene, all other tracks playback and the mounted 
>track starts recording - sweet! (you need to select global 
>preference "record on launch ON" to be able to do this, though)
>[on Kid Beyond]
>>  The most important part is to use a third-
>>  party software that translates external (controller) MIDI events
>Yes, thank you. I have actually posted an update on Kid Beyond's 
>setup, since he's switched from Windows to Powerbook Mac.
>When I have a choice, I actually always opt for the hardware choice. 
>So, I'll wait for my RC-50 and give it a chance. Still, Ableton is 
>very tempting. Especially combining loops with the effect section is 
>very attractive.
>Now I need to experiment with effects. If the Ableton setup works, I 
>could get a footcontroller.
>best regards
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