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Re: Something Good In SooperLooper (was: Mobius on Mac someday?)

Say Per, That might be a good feature to ask Jeff about for the track 
preferences. I still haven't gotten into v 1.28 and worked with, maybe 
there already?

At 08:31 AM 6/27/2006, you wrote:

>>>@Mark: As far as I can see, SooperLooper is "only" a stereo EDP. I
>>>would really miss Möbius' ability to have 8 parallel loops for
>>>building arrangements.
>SooperLooper has a nice feature that I miss in both my EDP and
>Mobius. It's the option to set feedback to only happen when you're
>overdubbing. This makes it possible to play with a constant setting
>of, let's say, seventy percent feedback. As long as you are not
>overdubbing the loop will not fade away. I frequently do that mistake
>on both the EDP and Mobius - forgetting to move back the feedback
>pedal into the full position and then I suddenly find that my Boys In
>The Band have left their instruments and are leaving me all alone.
>With Mobius I then have to pump the overdub button to force them back
>on stage. That little tic square of SL's is nice. Also nice that it's
>not put away into some preferences menu but has it's own tic box
>right thare in the graphical interface.
>Greetings from Sweden
>Per Boysen
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