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Re: Something Good In SooperLooper (was: Something Wicked This Way Comes)

Good point, Paul! I have posted that wish long ago, so buy now it  
should be well on it's way toward the bright and shiny future along   
those other great feature requests assembled inside Jeff's tobacco  
colored notebook.
(uh, why that color...? dunno - just a wild guess ;-)


On 27 jun 2006, at 14.52, paul wrote:

> Say Per, That might be a good feature to ask Jeff about for the  
> track setup preferences. I still haven't gotten into v 1.28 and  
> worked with, maybe it's there already?
> At 08:31 AM 6/27/2006, you wrote:
>>>> @Mark: As far as I can see, SooperLooper is "only" a stereo EDP. I
>>>> would really miss Möbius' ability to have 8 parallel loops for
>>>> building arrangements.
>> SooperLooper has a nice feature that I miss in both my EDP and
>> Mobius. It's the option to set feedback to only happen when you're
>> overdubbing. This makes it possible to play with a constant setting
>> of, let's say, seventy percent feedback. As long as you are not
>> overdubbing the loop will not fade away. I frequently do that mistake
>> on both the EDP and Mobius - forgetting to move back the feedback
>> pedal into the full position and then I suddenly find that my Boys In
>> The Band have left their instruments and are leaving me all alone.
>> With Mobius I then have to pump the overdub button to force them ba
>> on stage. That little tic square of SL's is nice. Also nice that it's
>> not put away into some preferences menu but has it's own tic box
>> right thare in the graphical interface.
>> Gr