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Released: December, 2000
Updated: December, 2003

This page needs more stuff! Any DJRND3 users out there want to help out? If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the DJRND3 for looping, please contact us.


December 1, 2003 - Emmanuel has just released his new update of the DJRND3, the DJRND3AD. See his website for details. The new features are included below.

Looper's Delight Reviewers Needed for DJRND3 - please do one!!

Home Page for DJRND3

DJRND3 Manual

DJRND3 commentary from the Looper's Delight Mailing List Archive

Search Usenet for DJRND3 comments

  • designed for DJ's
  • works in BPM
  • 21 stereo loops simultaneously (42 track polyphony)
  • 8 loop banks
  • 512Mbyte SDRAM, for a total of 8*504 bars (33min 36sec @ 120 BPM)
  • continuously playing while recording
  • automatic sync with turntables at a given tempo
  • Tap Tempo
  • External footpedal jack for Start Record, tap tempo, length double, or tempo display
  • Forward/Back function for beat matching
  • Internal Metronome available
  • 40 kHz sampling rate (32-48 khz once BPM re-synced)
  • 16-bit stereo linear encoding
  • MIDI Clock Input/Output
  • +/-0.05 BPM tempo accuracy
  • pitch bend loop recording
  • 3 digital virtual volumes for phones, input and master lines
  • 2 loops output levels : 0dB and +10dB
  • internal SCSI 3.6Gbyte hard disc drive to back up 3167 loops in .WAV files
  • HDD loop player optimized "browser" immediately synced with the 21 SDRAM loops
  • made in France at Villemomble (near Paris)
  • Handmade product, steel package
  • ALPS potentiometers
  • SHADOWS keys
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