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Boss RC-20XL
Loop Station
First shown: Summer NAMM, July 2004
Began Shipping: August 2004
(click for enlarged image)

This page needs more stuff! Any RC-20XL users out there want to help out? If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the RC-20XL for looping, please contact us.

Also see the Looper's Delight Boss RC-20 Page!
Many comments and reviews for the original version apply for the updated RC-20XL

Looper's Delight Review #1 of the Boss RC-20XL - by Michael Donahue

More Reviews Needed - please do one!!

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Boss RC-20XL brochure (pdf)

Boss RC-20XL manual (pdf)

Boss RC-20XL quick start guide (pdf)

RC-20XL Features

  • Phrase Recording/Sampling pedal designed for performers who want to create and play back loops during live performances
  • Overdub function allows for creation of "sound-on-sound" loops
  • Reverse function creates reverse sample playback on the fly
  • Realtime Tempo Change function changes loop tempo without changing pitch, using Tap Tempo button
  • Auto Start begins sampling automatically with incoming audio
  • Undo/Redo function allows Undo of one layer of Overdubs
  • 16 minutes total sampling time
  • Stores up to 11 looped phrases, even after power-off
  • Guide Click feature with various sounds and patterns
  • Loop record auto-quantize function for accurate loop timing
  • Three ways to stop loops - end immediately, stop at end of loop, or fade out
  • Footswitchable loop select
  • Mic input, Instrument input and Auxiliary input for sampling vocals or pre-recorded audio–even simultaneously
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