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16 Second Digital Delay
(2004 Reissue)

Improved & Reissued: mid-2004

This page needs more stuff! Any EH16-2004 users out there want to help out? If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the EH16-2004 for looping, please contact us.


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EH 16 Second Digital Delay home page

After a really, really, really long wait, Electo-Harmonix Reissues the famous 16 Second Digital Delay! (with a few enhancements)


  • Record for MORE than 4 minutes
  • Keep the loop in memory after power cycling
  • Change the Pitch and Tempo of the loop in 1/2 step increments, with a total range of 2 octaves
  • Change the Tempo of the loop while the pitch remains constant
  • Reverse the loops while playing back. Overdub on top of the reverse loop
  • Use Loop Mode as as short delay mode to make it a true echo pedal
  • Add Sweep to your loops or use the 16 Second as a Flanger/Chorus
  • Seperate control over the Dry Output, Efx Output and Clix Output signals
  • Analog Input Gain control with Signal and Clip LEDs
  • Maintainvisual indication of the tempo with two LEDs that blink on the beat
  • Control with 3 footswitchs Record, Play and Bypass
  • MIDI fuctionable
  • Connect an external Remote Foot Controller for hands free operation (not included)
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