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Lexicon JamMan

Introduced: January 1994
Discontinued: January 1997

This page needs more stuff! Any JamMan users out there want to help out? If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the JamMan for looping, please contact us.

The Lexicon JamMan / Oberheim Echoplex comparison - Many people ask questions about the differences between these two. This page is a start, but is by no means complete. If you can think of anything to add or correct, please let me know! Oh, and since Matthias created version 1.0, it may be a little biased. Not too bad, though. As soon as we get some more info on it, it'll even out.

JamMan Manual

JamMan Diagnostics - from the JamMan Service Manual

JamMan Memory - A collection of posts from the Looper's Delight mailing list about memory upgrades.

JamMan Applications and Limitations - Find out what the JamMan can and can't do in these posts taken from the mailing list.

JamMan Stereo? - Does the JamMan loop in stereo? Read the lively discussions about this taken from the Looper's Delight mailing list.

JamMan Miscellania - A collection of posts from the mailing list on various topics including Lexicon's support, and famous JamMan users.

JamMan Upgrades - In these messages taken from Looper's Delight read about the proposed software/hardware upgrade for the JamMan.

Original Lexicon JamMan advertisement

Original Lexicon JamMan/Vortex advertisement, page 1

Original Lexicon JamMan/Vortex advertisement, page 2

Lexicon's Jamman Page - Lexicon does not have a much of a Jamman site of their own. All they have there are some recommended places to get a memory upgrade. They've left it to places like Looper's Delight to do their customer support for them.

Harmony Central's JamMan User's Comments

Bob Sellon's JamMan pages - Bob Sellon invented the JamMan for Lexicon. On his pages, you can also learn about his JamMan software update, history of the JamMan, and application notes.

Lexicon's JamMan Download page - manuals and application notes

Lexicon's JamMan Knowledge Base page

Lexicon's JamMan memory upgrade knowledge base page

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