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Zachary Vex Effects
Lo-Fi Loop Junky

Released: early 2002

This page needs more stuff! Any Lo-Fi Loop Junky users out there want to help out? If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the Lo-Fi Loop Junky for looping, please contact us.


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  • Records up to 20 seconds of your performance
  • Initiate and finish a recording at any moment with a stomp switch, when activated
  • Begins looping a few thousandths of a second after the record process is finished
  • Remembers your loop even when unplugged or with the battery removed
  • Has true bypass
    • True-bypass switch initiates loop playback from the samples beginning at any time
  • Vibrato with speed and depth controls, allowing a vibrato/chorus/Leslie-like shimmer
    • Very slow vibrato for warped-record effects, to very fast for jiggly playback
  • Real clocked-analog recording with no analog-to-digital conversion
  • Records using compression for a smooth sound
  • Allows overdriven recording of storage cells using record level control
  • Tone control that rolls off hiss & other annoying artifacts
  • no noise-reduction - its lo-fi
  • Very limited frequency response. Nothing above 2.6 kHz. Brick-wall filtering
  • Safety-switch to protect a favorite sample from being recorded over accidentally
  • Plays back at any volume, louder than your direct guitar if you wish
  • guitar preamp built-in
  • Tiny footprint
  • Draws as little as 2 mA from battery when in bypass mode, about 12 mA when activated
  • Features aliasing artifacts, distortion, hiss, out-of-tune effects, long battery life, etc.
  • Allows loop erasure during bypass, resulting in a looping hiss sample
  • Never sounds like what you played into it. Always alters the original tone and dynamics
  • Five knobs, two stomp-switches for bypass and record, and a safety switch
  • Simple LED status indicator:
    • Lights up solid while recording
    • Blinks once at the end of every loop
    • Stops in bypass mode
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