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Electrix Press Release for Repeater software upgrade 1.1

Electrix announces the new OS1.1 for Repeater

Following the successful launch of Repeater, Electrix has announced an upgrade in the software. The new OS has added several features to the already extensive feature list.

New Features in OS1.1 include:

-Dry signal path mute - Supports equipment setups in which Repeater is provided as a supplemental signal source.

-Erase loop via MIDI CC- Allows an entire loop to be erased with a single MIDI CC message.

-Record Track advance selection via MIDI CC/PC - A single MIDI message advances Repeater to the next available track(s) available for recording.

-Coarse slip/pitch control - In the slip and pitch displays, coarse adjustment is provided by the left encoder (whole semitones, whole beats) while the right encoder accesses the sub-beat and sub-semitone adjustment.

-Audio triggered record during playback - Audio triggering can now be set up with actively playing audio via MIDI.

-Stereo Level/Mute control via MIDI CC - Controls the levels of tracks 1 and 2 jointly, and 3 and 4 jointly to support Repeater's use in stereo setups.

PLUS greatly enhanced MIDI capabilities, accurate real-time sync to external clock, precise control of downstream devices such as drum machines, and significant audio quality improvements.

The new OS is available at no charge to download from the Electrix website, www.electrixpro.com. It is extremely easy to install via the front-loading CFC slot and takes only a few minutes.

For more information visit the Electrix website at www.electrixpro.com

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