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The Vortex is an amazing piece of gear, more than a reverb, a small scale looper, and capable of the unique ability to morph from one effect to another. Unfortunately, it never found a market, and never really sold until Lexicon decided to abondon it and it was liquidated by Guitar Center and others for $150.00. Luckily, I found Looper's Delight and the Vortex at just this time and managed to snag one up. For those of you who have picked up up on the used market and are missing the manual, I've scanned it and put it up here on Looper's Delight... ENJOY! - Stew Benedict

The following gif files are BIG (1248x1499), you may have to scroll your screen to read them, but this size lends to fairly good printouts.

vortex01.gif Copyright, FCC Notice, Lexicon Address, Cover Page
vortex02.gif Table Of Contents, Getting Started
vortex03.gif Front Panel Overview, Audio/Mix Levels
vortex04.gif Rear Panel Connections, Footswitches, Headphones
vortex05.gif Audio Connections, Inline Processing, Effects Return
vortex06.gif A/B Relay Switch, Basic Operation
vortex07.gif Presets & Registers, Effects Parameters
vortex08.gif More Effects Parameters, TAP and Echo Rhythms
vortex09.gif More Echo Rhythms
vortex10.gif Audio Morphing (TM)
vortex11.gif Pedal Control
vortex12.gif Controlling Morphs with a Pedal, Using Registers
vortex13.gif More On Registers, Using Footswitches
vortex14.gif Finding the Preset Used to Create An Effect, Effect Description Overview
vortex15.gif 1 Reflexion A B
vortex16.gif 2 Atmosphere A & Atmosphere B
vortex17.gif 3 Orbits A B
vortex18.gif 4 Centrifuge A & Centrifuge B
vortex19.gif 5 Aerosol A & Aerosol B
vortex20.gif 6 Mosaic A & Mosaic B
vortex21.gif 7 Maze A & Maze B
vortex22.gif 8 Duo A & Duo B
vortex23.gif 9 Deja Vu A & Deja Vu B
vortex24.gif 10 Choir A & Choir B
vortex25.gif 11 Shimmer a & Shimmer B
vortex26.gif 12 Sweep A & Sweep B
vortex27.gif 13 Shadow A & Shadow B
vortex28.gif 14 Cycloid A & Cycloid B
vortex29.gif 15 Bleen A & Bleen B
vortex30.gif 16 Fractal A B
vortex31.gif Specifications
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