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Lexicon Vortex Specs

Audio Morphing (TM) Processor

The Vortex is a true-stereo processor, where the left and right inputs are processed independently in most effects. The Audio Morphing (TM) feature allows you to change between two existing patches. Morphing is a complete parametric and algorithmic restructuring of two independent effects, rather than a simple crossfade and you can morph between any two effects you have created. Morphing can be triggered with a button (the time of the morph between effects can also be set), or controlled with an expression pedal in real-time.

Effects also have built in Dynamic Envelope Control that gives you control over one or more effects parameters. For example, in some effects, playing louder will increase the vibrato rate; in others it can decrease feedback.

Each effect in the vortex is what is usually called a 'patch' in most processors - they are actually several simultaneous effects (but you can isolate and modify the individual effects). The unit comes with a total of 32 effects, arranged in 16 A/B register pairs. (It is these A/B pairs that determine which effects you morph between) The effects in these pairs can be similar or totally different.

All Vortex effects are based on rhythmic echoes -- and setting them up is easy. If you want 8th note echoes on the left and 16th note echoes on the right, just turn the front panel Parameter knob to select ECHO 1 / and turn the Value knob to 8. Set ECHO 2 / to 16, and you're done. These simple controls make it a snap to set up extraordinary polyrhythms which can be stored within any effect.

You set the tempo for these echoes simply by tapping in a rhythm (with the front panel TAP button, or with a footswitch). Every effect in the box will synchronize to this tempo, so that all effects are always rhythmically compatible.

Some of the presets on the Vortex include Orbits, a rotary speaker simulator where Morphing will simulate inertial drag as speakers speed is changed, Deja Vu, a looping effect, where you can use an expression pedal control the amount of your sound to be recorded, Choir, which features chorusing with echo and envelope control over chorus depth, Bleen, a ring modulator that decays into tremelo, Centrifuge, a Flanger where you playing level controls the rate, and Fractal, looping with a bit of phasing.

Each effect has 16 defining parameters, which can be adjusted by selecting a parameter from the rotary knob on the front panel, and turning the value knob to the desired value. Expression pedal assignments can also be stored with each effect.

Vortex is supplied with a dual footswitch which can be used for Bypass and Step functions, or for Tap and A/B switching. Connecting a second dual footswitch gives you hands-off control over all of the important front panel functions. The Vortex can be used with a variety of pedals that will allow you to change effects, control Morphing or any other parameter.

The Vortex also features an A/B relay switch that allows remote control of guitar amplifier lead/rhythm channel selection with a standard guitar cable connected from Vortex to the A/B switching input on your amp allows a single press of the Vortex A/B button (or footswitch) to coordinate channel switching.

The true-stereo capability of the Vortex allows a specific signal processing path to be incorporated into each effect, giving it a distinctive spatial characteristic. Some effects start with a stereo image and maintain it throughout the box. Others allow you to independently process two different sound sources, such as vocals on one input and drums on the other.


  • Audio Inputs: One Pair Stereo 1/4" on Rear Panel
  • Audio Outputs: One Pair Stereo 1/4" on Rear Panel
  • Effects: 32 user-programmable locations. Audio processing includes, but is not limited to, tremelo, chorus, flange, phaser, echo, looping, rotary speaker simulator, and ring modulation.
  • Effect Parameters: Echo /1 & 2, Envelope, Morph A/B, Echo FX level, Mod FX level, Output, Mix, Feedback 1 & 2, Rate 1 & 2, Depth 1 & 2, Resonance 1 & 2.
  • A/B Switching Relay: Tip.Ring/Sleeve phone jack; Rated at <=100mA
  • Footswitch Connectors (2): Tip/Ring/Sleeve phone jacks for Bypass and Register Step or Tap & A/B Selection (one dual-function footswitch provided).
  • Footpedal Connector: Tip/Ring/Sleeve phone jack for expression pedal w/stereo plug.
  • Frequency Response 20Hz - 14kHz, +1.0dB to -3.0dB
  • THD + Noise: <0.03% @ 1kHz
  • Dynamic Range: 83dB typical, 20Hz - 20kHz bandwidth
  • Conversion: Delta-Sigma modulation with 64k over-sampling
  • Power Requirements: 9VAC, 1A wall transformer provided.
  • Dimensions: 19.0"W x 1.75"H x 4.0"D (483 x 45 x 102mm)
  • Weight: Unit: 2 lbs, 12oz (1.2 kg), Footswitch: 8.5 oz (0.2 kg)
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