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Re: Cheating (was: Turn All That S**t Off)

>Important point to me. I was happy we did not have the means to save 
>loops easy so far. I think it helps a lot to study and record, maybe 
>sometimes on stage, but I am scared of prerecorded loop mixing 
>concerts... those could distroy the fascination that we feel about 
>looping at this stage.
>          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org

Interesting, Matthias...In contrast to a conversation i had with 
Damon at the Namm show.  He was expressing interest in playing live 
with ALL of the loops prerecorded, and funnelled through various 
signal routings and effects ON STAGE.  So that the 'musicians', who 
normally 'play' their instruments and the 'sound design' of the 
performance is controlled by the engineers, would now be in complete 
control of the sound design.  (with the Repeater's 
time/pitch/fx/resample functions...the open and liquid nature of such 
a performance becomes more apparent)

He cited the Chemical Brothers as a frame of reference...That the 
enjoyment of their live show, for him, was how well they controlled 
the whole 'sound'.

to each his own, eh?  food for thought on both sides of the fence.