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Re: A quieter, gentler footswitch?...

Are you sure that you bought momentary switches, they have no click 
whatsoever... I've used the radio shack switches to punch in and out 
of tape machines, and they are totally silent...

>Thanks, Mark and Charles for your replies...
>Well, I bought some new switches and installed them... they're 
>similar to the Radio Shack ones you
>suggested, black plastic and they cost me $2.50 each... As I stood 
>in the store I held the
>switches in my hand and I clicked on them to see how loud they sound 
>and they sounded a lot
>quieter than the switches that came with the unit... But now that I 
>have tested it out with the
>new switches, I find they are still too loud... Part of the problem 
>is once the switches are
>bolted to the metal case of the foot controller, the case acts as a 
>resonator and amplifies the
>clicking... No way am I going to create music with a looping tool 
>that places a grossly audible
>click at the end of each loop cycle...
>I just ordered the switches Travis recommended from Mouser (EDP 
>replacement switches made by
>Mountain Switch)... I haven't heard how they sound, but I'll give 
>them a shot... If it's still too
>loud to use for live-miked acoustic instruments, then I will just 
>sell this whole stupid 2880 and
>the foot pedal and all the CF cards I bought on eBay... I'm sure 
>some electronic looping musician
>could get some decent use out ot it, but I guess until I hear from 
>someone that there is a looper
>with a foot controller that doesn't make noise, I am an acoustic 
>musician who is just out of luck
>(I suppose I could also tape a contact mic to my horn instead of 
>using a free standing dynamic or
>condensor mic - it would sound like crap but at least it wouldn't 
>pick up the clickety click of
>the looper)...
>I sure hope those EDP replacement switches are quiet enough to do 
>the trick... I suppose I could
>try and learn MIDI, and try out the Behringer, but I dunno, I'm not 
>so good with high-tech stuff,
>MIDI intimidates me...
>Ferrara Brain Pan
>"Let the great constellation of flickering ashes be heard..."
>Noel Scott Engel