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Re: Fripp & Eno 1973 / BBC / Peel /RIAA

I´ve had very good luck with SoulSeek as well. I found copies of LaMonte Young´s "well tuned piano", James "Blood" Ulmer's "Free Lancing" and Arthur Blythe's "Illusions" all stuff I'd love to buy if I could find it. Used copies of the "well tuned piano" sell for hundreds of dollars, silly money. It seems to me that the Columbia, Blue Note and Arista back catalogs would generate a good chunk of money if they would release all the out of print stuff as mp3 downloads. Why anything is "out of print" in the digital age escapes me.

On 7/9/07, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
  I have also found new
music by the P2P community SoulSeek by doing a search for something
obscure that I like and then viewing the shared files of someone that
pops up among the search hits (if they have what I was searching for
chances are they have more in line with my taste).

Art Simon