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Re: Fripp & Eno 1973 / BBC / Peel /RIAA

phaslem@wightman.ca schrieb:
> It's the notorious web site Allofmp3 based in Russia who showed the 
> record industry that people are happy to pay for downloaded music when 
> they can get the format they want and for about 1/4 the price the 
> corporate sanctioned web sites are charging. Just to show you how 
> powerful the record industry is, the President himself spoke to and put 
> pressure on the Russian prime minister to close the site down, couple to 
> that that the RIAA filed a 1.65 trillion dollar lawsuit against them and 
> that Russia wasn't going to be allowed into the World Trade Association 
> unless they closed AllofMp3 down..... well they didn't really stand a 
> chance.

They basically want them to shut down because nothing of that "1/4 of 
the price" would go to the authors, I would not pay anything if the 
authors don't get a share, then its better to pirate than paying to some 
obscure russian site...


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