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OT: composers and musicians being paid their royalties, was Fripp and Eno

Don't believe it, the record companies never do anything for the 
artist in the long run..... I had a 40 page contract that what ever 
they gave you on page 6 they had a loophole to take back on page 
35..... if they did anything in the name of the recording, ( which 
included lunches, promo, etc. ) those expenses came out of my share 
of the royalties, The people that played backup on the recording made 
more money than I did. I did the math once, the record label would 
pay it's expenses and clear over $150,000.00 before I got the first 
penny off of that cd..... Now I had a lawyer look it over and he told 
me that I actually had one of the better contracts he had ever seen 
because if the recording flopped totally; I at least didn't owe the 
record label whatever money they had invested. His advice, go and 
enjoy the ride, and expect that the label will screw you in the end. 
The recording gave me some valuable experience, and gave me some well 
needed credibility amongst other industry people. It just makes me 
laugh when people believe that the record labels care about lost 
royalties to the artists or composers. all they care about is their 
own lost revenues and their right to be the only ones to screw us out 
of the rights and revenues of our music.

I suppose I sound a bit bitter, but it makes me really angry that I 
should have to pay the record label if I want to re-record some of my 
own compositions and release them independently.

ok, I'm better now, the rant is over. I'll go back to be the nice old 
guy who plays pretty gentle music on the dulcimer..........

Paul Haslem

>They basically want them to shut down because nothing of that "1/4 
>of the price" would go to the authors, I would not pay anything if 
>the authors don't get a share, then its better to pirate than paying 
>to some obscure russian site...
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