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Re: Electro Harmonix Freeze - Sound Retainer

Charles Zwicky wrote:

>> As I understand it, it's intended to be a way of having a delay
>> with feedback, but arranged so that there's no comb effect on
>> sustained notes.
> No, not at all.. it's effect is diffuse an impulse.  Try putting one in  
> the feedback loop of a delay line with a coefficient of about 0.5 and 
> you'll hear what I mean...

The idea is to diffuse *without* comb filtering.
Don't know why you're saying "not at all",
I'm just repeating reverb 101 there.

>>> I'm not sure that you meant to write "phase dispersion"...
>> Just meant that different frequencies are delayed by different amounts.
>> (Allpass is also used in a phase fx.)
> It's an entirely different implementation than what you'd typically find 
> in an analog "phase shifter".

:-) I think I can guess that analog is a different implementation
to digital.

soniq reverb.
>  It's likely that 
> the EH "Freeze" uses a series of allpass filters before and after a 
> fixed delay line.

Two sets of allpass? They're all linear processes so order is not 
important. Or is there some other element involved?

Actually, listening to the demos more it doesn't sound so good on
complex chords, and it's rather more metallic on some notes than others.
Wouldn't be at all surprised if there's some techniques taken from
the EH pedals that *do* use granular techniques, used in order to
get the sound seamless. Doesn't the Hog have a freeze mode which
sounds similar?

Anyway, I prefer the sound from the Vortex ;-)