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Re: DOD Dimension 12 review

There's actually at least one really good reason to avoid writing in
all caps--it makes your message harder to read.

This is not just my personal opinion, it has to do with the way our
eyes and brains work. It happens that lowercase characters are more
variable in their appearance, and so easier for us to differentiate

Interestingly (to me), the one person in the programming department
where I work who insists on using all caps for his messages also
shouts all the time.


innerspace@mediaone.net wrote:
> Roland Eberle wrote:
> > innerspace@mediaone.net wrote:
> >
> > >
> > >
> >
> > Please..stop shouting.
> I apologize sincerely for my over exuberance....
> I must admit I never did understand how utilizing caps turns you into
> somekind of loudmouth punk in cyberspace......
> these "rules" are not my specialty
> I will try not to shout in the future and i truly do apologize if I
> offended any of you by ***    SHOUTING  * **