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Re: BeatSync signal

> >Mathias, what kind of signal is the Beatsync? Wouldn't
> >FSK or a switchable waveform triger/gate out be a
> >useful feature?
> You mean we should not invent a new standard here but use an existing?
No, not at all. But you must admit that using existing standards
has clear advantages. A 5V +/- trigger pulse is a fairly flexible
and open standard that works with lots of other gear, especially
synths and FX.

> The problem is that I wanted the same pin to be in and out, so any
> kind is possible. This should be discussed again for a future unit.

I see. It would be great to add CV and trigger pulse in the future.

> But the length of the pulse could be the same, do you know such
Not offhand...
> >
> >Please explain Beatsync the signal. Thanks in advance.
> Its open colector. 10k Ohms pull up to 5V where it usually stays.
> Then the puls is pushing down to ground with 200 Ohms.

Ok, I understand. Thanks for the wealth of info. :)

- Larry T