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Re: R: Off Topic-indulge me please

i also find this thread interesting and it seems to be
turning into a chance for everyone to [re]introduce themselves.
so here's mine:

i am and will always be 17.

i live with an imaginary girl who doesn't mind in the least my playing
various and sundry instruments all the time.
(most of my real girlfriends have not been so inclined)
anyone have the problem of being so engrossed in their
playing/patching/computer-twiddling that they don't even
hear people speaking to them?
boy, that goes over well...

i make most of my living programming computers, 
with a little 3d animation and sound design on the side.
i am kind of surprised at how many musicians i have
run into that are also software developers.  there are
several of us here on ld.  (it's founder for one)

there was a time when i derived all my (pitiful) income
playing guitar in several bands at once.  i am fairly glad those days
of poverty are over, but it is good to have done it.  and many of the
musical experiences were incredible.

i have a bachelors of music.  yes, that's a BM (better than BS?).
so i know pretty much everything...

i have never performed a looping show.  my looping "experiments"
are still at the ~50% trash stage, so i am not quite ready to
subject an audience to them.  even when i knock that down
to ~10% trash, i think the audiences will be small.  but
they will also probably be paying attention...

i greatly admire those of you with the cajones to do the pure loop solo 
someday (i hope soon) i will join you...

i fully intend to continue composing/performing/listening/groking forever 
and ever, amen.